1. Denise, you've been a trailblazer in the plus-size modeling industry. How has your personal journey shaped your views on body positivity and diversity in fashion?

 It’s so funny you ask that because when I got into plus size modeling I didn’t realize the amount of influence my personal journey would have on the world. I started modeling full time right after having my daughter, 15+ years ago (it was a very different industry then) and I was so vulnerable. I wanted love and acceptance and mostly I wanted to prove to myself and my newborn daughter that we were worthy of all the best life had to offer. I went through the ups and downs of learning to love myself in front of the camera.



2. You've walked runways all around the world and graced numerous fashion campaigns. How does wearing Solo Mio Swim compare to other brands you've modeled for?

  I’ve been a fan of Solmaz creative vision for many years so when I saw her launch Solo Mio Swim I knew it was going to be killer! I hoped someday I would have the honor of being in front of her camera lens, in her line and finally that day came true. I felt so sexy and confident shooting these. They are so fashion forward and the fabrics are so pretty and comfortable. As a matter of fact I am wearing one of the bikinis as I type this, from Puerto Rico. I always love when brands design for their customers and you can tell a lot of thought and care went into her collection.


3. You've said in the past that "There's no wrong way to be a woman". How do you feel this philosophy aligns with Solo Mio Swim's brand ethos?

  Yes! I really stand by those words. I started using the motto “There is No Wrong Way to be a Woman” almost a decade ago and it still resonates with people today because it’s so simple but true. Just be you. We are allowed to make mistakes and no one is perfect, but perfection is overrated and life is too short to constantly be at war with yourself, so just be happy and live. The Solo Mio woman is powerful and inspired and that’s how I feel we align. That’s what I wish everyone could feel and I think so does Solo Mio Swim.


 4. Throughout your career, you've worked tirelessly to challenge beauty standards. How do you feel Solo Mio Swim contributes to this mission?

 First off the fit is incredible!! So many times as a curvy woman I struggle to find items of clothing, especially swim that fit great and look cool. Nothing makes me feel more confident and free than when I am rocking a  swimsuit that I know is made well. Each piece I tried on from the Solo Mio Swim made me feel luxurious and different. Giving women the tools to feel their best is such a great contribution to the mission.


5. You're a role model for many women who've long felt underrepresented in fashion. How do you hope your collaboration with Solo Mio Swim will inspire them?

 I realize now more than ever that the conversation needs to continue . The past few years we’ve seen representation go in waves but we need to continue seeing all bodies in campaigns and throughout all media. I have had an incredible career that has spanned the past 15 years and allowed me to be in rooms one can only dream of. I hope this shoot inspires women to keep living authentically and reminds them that no matter where you come from or what society may tell you, you are worthy of all your dreams and goals. And most certainly deserving of rocking the cutest swimsuits!!


6. You've always championed the idea that fashion should cater to all sizes. What is it about Solo Mio Swim's designs that you think particularly appeals to plus-size women?

  I do think fashion should cater to all sizes. I like the cuts of these swimsuits and cover ups a lot. They are super flattering.


7. How do Solo Mio Swim pieces make you feel, and why do you think it's important for swimwear brands to offer inclusive sizing?

 I wish every brand included a bigger size range. It sucks to see a cute design and not be able to get it because it doesn’t come in your size. It’s a problem I’ve always wished was eliminated. I was happily surprised when I tried on the Solo Mio Swim and it fit so well. The tops had great support and the bottoms which I thought would be too small were perfect. I felt radiant.


8. As a model and body positivity advocate, what advice would you give to our customers about feeling confident and comfortable in swimwear?

We have to remember that not each day is the same and we are human. Some days we may feel more confident than others and that’s ok. I don’t wake up each day wanting to wear a tiny bikini, that’s why we should have options in different styles so we can choose one that best fits our vibe for the day. You are the main character of your life, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy each moment.


9. You’ve been a vocal advocate for diversity and inclusivity. How does it feel to represent a brand like Solo Mio Swim that echoes your values?

 I love being able to chat about body positivity and inclusivity because they are things that are so important to me. Seeing curvy women in the same swimsuits as their smaller sisters is all I ask. Thank you Solo Mio Swim for truly seeing me and making me feel so beautiful.


10. Lastly, can you share an empowering message to women who might feel hesitant about donning swimwear due to societal pressures?

Just do it. I know it’s sometimes scary to put ourselves out there but we don’t get these days back and I believe we all deserve to live our best lives. You are beautiful exactly as you are, this very moment.